How Do I Choose the Best Engineering Consultants?

May 10, 2014

Engineering consultants are hired for numerous types of jobs that include specialized design, construction of large and small projects and everyday research activities. Although there are numerous contractors, determining the best engineering consultant for a project does not have to be difficult.

Check the Consultants References

First off, an experienced engineering consultant provides a bid that outlines their services, a projected plan and the proposed overall expenses. A professional will have a clear plan and does not leave anything in question. Before you decide if you want their services, it is best to have a mediator or qualified person to check the engineering consultant’s references, a list of past projects and professional credentials. As well, make sure you have a definite plan and a set price for services before signing any contract.

Making an RFP

A request for a proposal or RFP is a great way to screen candidates. It is a simple way to establish communication and form an evaluation criterion. Your RFP should include a clearly defined goal, estimated time for the project and a work breakdown schedule (WBS) that outlines all the work tasks. The proposal should describe the beginning and ending points of the whole project. With a defined proposal, contractors will know immediately if they want to bid for the job. As well, you will get a good idea of an engineering consultant’s work ethics by their proposal.

Various Bidders

You can contact various engineering consultants before making a decision on who to hire. Have each contractor submit a proposal that outlines their services. A well written proposal will be evident. It will disclose professional aptitude, experience and specialized expertise.

Additionally, the WBS is a great tool for bidders. It is an opportunity to give their response and it is an excellent checklist for when projects are finished.

Double Checking Your Proposals

Once you feel that you have enough engineering consultants bidding for the job then it is time to start making a decision. But beforehand, you need to double check your proposal. Oftentimes, you may discover missing pieces in the project after reviewing all the proposals. This is why it is a good idea to hire a managing team or person that is not personally involved in the project. Usually, someone outside the scope of things will notice something you have missed.

The Best Engineering Consultants

The best engineering consultants demonstrate certain characteristics and skills. Here are a few basic qualities that you can look for:

  • Actual hands on experience in engineering consulting
  • Verified qualifications in education, experience or both
  • Expertise in product launches and adhering to deadlines
  • Proof of certificates or licensing in engineering consulting
  • Confirmation of good marketing management and innovation strategy

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