Custom intrusion alarms and intrusion detection systems for your business

September 26, 2014

There's a new impetus on the horizon to plug security technology into the mobile market. While this is a fine notion, one worthy of the maturation of wireless devices, security experts can't afford to lose sight of the bare essentials, compromising sound protection by offering anything less than a personalized service.

Custom-installed intrusion alarms invoke a professional level of home, commercial, and business defense. The old approach of fostering a cookie-cutter outlook is neither desirable or viable in an age where criminals match new security measures with devious penetration strategies. Property owners need the peace of mind of a tailored system, a personalized service that nurtures the feeling that the service is being specifically focused on the occupants of the building and their possessions. The relationship between physical structure and network of defenses includes the latest wireless resolutions, but it also hinges on proven solutions, on motion detectors positioned within peculiarly shaped rooms to eliminate blind spots. The service provides multi-layered protection, beginning at the edge of the property, positioning motion-triggered lighting and intrusion detection measures on entrance gates. Keypad controls installed at these gateways use rotating passwords to confound intruders.

The factors affecting the installation of a twenty-first century intrusion detection system are increasing in complexity, with many of those considerations coming from the digital realm. Over-the-air signals can be compromised and hacked. Wireless signals can be decoded. It's the duty of the installer to ensure new digital alarm systems are locked down with modern authentication protocols, delivering wireless security without adding to possible intrusion flaws. Still, it's in the fitting of customized packages designed to promote ease of use that the science of security finds room for growth. The digital domain is simply the latest tool in fitting and accessing the system. For example, a new generation of wireless cameras are available for residential and commercial installation. They can be fitted anywhere without messy cables that detract from an attractive interior, but they have to be professionally configured to interface with a computer or smartphone.

The skill of customizing an intruder alert system lays within the experienced hands of an alarm installer and the mind of a security consultant. By all means, harness cutting-edge devices, but rely on the experts. A building is unique, built with turns and narrow sidings that can create vulnerable spots, and this is where a customized intruder system excels, offsetting vulnerabilities with design flair.

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