Modernized electrical and computer engineering services

August 18, 2014

No matter what you do there is almost always a need for a modernized electrical and computer engineer. Connor Pincus Group is a highly qualified team of engineers specializing in mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Lighting Design, Security risk management, Intruder detection alarms, Security, Access control, communication, Fire Protection & Life Safety Systems, Emergency and exit lighting, Sanitary drainage including trade waste management, plus a whole lot more.

Modernized electrical and computer engineering services are critical but many do not even know what these services are. Here is an overview to better help you grasp what these professionals do.

Electrical and computer engineering deals primarily with electromagnetism, electronics and electricity. This means things like digital computers, general electronics, power engineering, control systems, telecommunications, microelectronics, RF engineering, instrumentation and signal processing are just some of the subcategories that electrical a d computer engineers cover. These intersect with countless other fields, so their services are very broad.

Computer engineering integrated electrical engineering with computer science to develop computer software and hardware. These engineers preform work on everything from personal computers and individual microprocessors to supercomputers needing to circuit design. Again, this is a category that sub-categorizes off into countless sub-fields. For instance, computer engineers can add computers in other systems and machines, build networks to transfer data or develop ways to make computers more capable, smaller, faster, etc. These are the guys that make mobile phones, well, mobile.

What Do Electrical Engineers Do?

Electrical engineers are responsible for the application of electronic, electrical and magnetic theories to deliver solutions to any developmental, design or operational software or hardware related issues. These engineers also apply these same terms to electrical machines, control systems and communications systems.

These are also the guys and gals responsible for sales of electronic equipment and electrical, installation and/or manufacturing of said equipment. You will find them in places like power plants, motor vehicle factories, working on electro-optical devices or building hardware and software for computers just to name some. They also deal with many things additional things like lighting, radar, lasers, motors and a wealth of medical equipment.

What About Computer Engineers, What Do They Do?

While we find ourselves in the midst of a technological revolution it is easy to get lost. There are many things out there in the world of technology that we would not be able to even wrap our minds around, however, there are some who can, computer engineers.

These are individuals that can make computers speed accurate, add or even come up with exciting computer technologies as well as work on development, design and implementing software and technologies to computers today. They work with consumers, military applications, commercial and industrial sectors. Some examples of what they may do are computer controlled automotive subsystems on modern vehicles or developing optimum system designs.

Computer engineers use many of the principles and techniques of electrical engineering and many of computer science. Computer engineering, however, is more than a blend of two other fields. You may also find them in exciting fields like networking, bio-medical, design automation, embedded Systems, cyber-security and machine intelligence just to name some.

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