Transforming New Advertising Ideas with Digital Signages Installation

August 5, 2015

One interesting fact about advertising that most people in business are unaware of, is that it existed as far back as 3000 BC. Ancient people would spread messages and information about products through word of mouth, person to person, or make some type of signage such as wall paintings that others could readily view. However, marketing as we know it today, and all that it entails, wasn’t acknowledged as a discipline until the early 1900s.

From newspapers ads to radio ad spots to the first TV, advertising has come a very long way from ancient wall paintings and word of mouth. With the advent of technology, consumers are inundated by advertising campaigns through print, billboards, radio, TV, online pop-ups and websites, and now, digital signages.

Digital Signages Transforms Advertising

As an advertising medium, digital signages have the advantage of being subtle while at the same time being very direct. Actually, transforming new marketing ideas with digital signages is more cost-effective than most businesses believe, especially further down the line. The initial cost might be more than traditional advertising means such as printing, however, this can be offset as time passes because well maintained digital signage can last years.

Digital signages provide beautiful platforms to showcase products and services which can also be easily updated; this means your message is always the latest and most up to date. How is that possible? Web connectivity allows real-time feeds and updates which can be incorporated into your digital signage.

Effectiveness of Digital Signages

Using high quality images and video, it has proven to be more effective in influencing consumer buying decisions than most other marketing means. A survey by the Point of Purchase Advertising International shows that 75% of consumers made the decision to buy a product at the point of purchase using when viewing digital signage. So, it is proven, digital signages which are strategically located can greatly influence your customers’ decisions to buy your products and services.

Digital signages are aimed at building awareness a company’s brand by customising ads that can be still or animated. These can also be used to launch new products, promote specials and for community events in almost any location where there are customers. Places can include airports, train stations, checkout lanes, store entrances, or any allowable public place.

Advertising using digital signages allows you to reach a wider range of consumers in a manner that is both timely, effective and pleasing to the eyes. This can help your company communicate with your consumers on a daily basis, which develops consumer loyalty and increased sales.

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