What Is Green Building And What Makes It Environmentally Sustainable?

August 18, 2015

Over the many years, humans have polluted the earth on a large-scale through various means. Industrialization is without a doubt the biggest cause behind both, our success on the planet, and polluting it on a scale never before seen. However, on a personal level, we are quick learners and can make a collective difference for the good of Mother Nature.

Today, we have studied and adopted various positive approaches in technology that help make earth a better place. Green Building is one of these initiatives that aim at environmental harmony through thoughtful ways of construction and living.

What is Green Building?

Green Building is more than an architectural term. It is actually a concept that explores the possibility of utilizing natural resources in the simplest of ways, to reduce their misuse and impact on the planet on an ongoing basis. Efficient use of energy, water consumption, and conservation of other resources are a major part of building a following in the green revolution. Basically, a building that makes a considerable positive impact on the environment is a Green Building.

The benefits of Green Building – They Save Money and the Environment

A green building is environmentally sustainable, using rainwater, natural light and natural energy as much as possible. Building owners, contractors and builders can adopt this sustainable approach to achieve the following benefits.

Many local jurisdictions and states offer tax deductions for green buildings and environment friendly construction techniques. These types of buildings reduce energy wastage and save on electricity bills. One way green buildings accomplish this is by using natural lighting and effective natural temperature control features that are built into the buildings. Rain water harvesting also reduces water bills, and such green buildings are designed to effectively catch and store rainwater.

With temperature moderation, new construction projects can improve air quality and better regulate temperature with the concept. Lower building life-cycle cost, along with lower maintenance and increased higher property value are other important benefits of green buildings. Below are other environmental benefits of green buildings.

Environment Friendliness:

  • Air and water quality improvement
  • Effective natural resource utilization
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem conservation

Health Benefits:

  • Better air and water quality within buildings
  • Improved natural lighting conditions

Anyone can use Green Building Concepts to Achieve Sustainability

From an architectural point of view, not many people have taken interest in the concept of green buildings, until recently. However, in the coming years, green building features will be mandated by governments across the world. Today, people don’t have to wait for governmental mandates to benefit from green building techniques. In fact, anyone who is building a new house or renovating one can take advantage of green ideas.

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